Build Scalable Serverless Laravel Apps with Vapor

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Design and Implement

I will design and implement serverless architecture for your Laravel app on AWS


I will configure and optimize Laravel Vapor to deploy your app as serverless functions


I will migrate your existing Laravel application to serverless architecture with minimal downtime


I will optimize your app performance, scalability, and cost efficiency with AWS services such as Lambda, API Gateway, Aurora Serverless, and CloudFront


I will implement security best practices and apply AWS security services such as IAM, KMS, and WAF to protect your app and data


I will provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your app runs smoothly and efficiently

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Are you looking for a reliable and experienced PHP developer to help you build a robust and scalable website? Look no further. With over 9 years of experience in PHP development, I have the skills and knowledge to deliver top-notch solutions that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. Whether you need help with Laravel, WordPress, CodeIgniter, or any other PHP framework, I am here to help you.

With serverless Laravel apps on Laravel Vapor, you can benefit from:

  • Auto-scaling: Your app scales automatically based on the actual demand, eliminating the need for over-provisioning and reducing costs.
  • High availability: Your app runs on AWS’s highly available infrastructure, ensuring it is always up and running.
  • Cost-efficiency: You pay only for the actual usage, without any upfront or fixed costs, and can optimize costs by leveraging AWS pricing models such as Reserved Capacity and Spot Instances.
  • Developer productivity: You can focus on your code and business logic, without worrying about server management, infrastructure provisioning, or scaling.
Laravel Vapor Integration
Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements and how I can help you build scalable and cost-efficient serverless Laravel applications with Laravel Vapor.
Joanna Cameron​

Mukesh is terrific to work with. He facilitated a Zoom meeting which allowed him to show my printed website requests. This was excellent. He is obviously very good at what he does and I look forward to doing some SEO with him.

Joanna Cameron
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